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Reporting a Claim

As a policyholder, it is very important to contact AIM’s Claims Department as soon as you receive notice or become aware of a bar complaint, claim/potential claim, incident or lawsuit.


If you have any questions, please contact our Claims Department at 205-980-0009 or via email at

Please complete a Notice of Incident or Claim form that summarizes the nature of your representation and the circumstances of the allegations. 

Remember, AIM is here for you!

Our claims counsel, along with our in-house staff, will quickly assess the situation and get started on mitigating or defending the claim. We are here to help you!

Report a Claim Online

File a claim online by clicking the button below.

Report a Claim via Fax or Mail

If you would prefer to file a claim via fax or mail. Please click the button below, download the form, and complete.

To send via fax, print the form, and fax to 205-980-9009.

To send via mail, complete and print the application, and mail to 200 Inverness Parkway, Birmingham, Alabama 35242-4813.

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