Exclusions FAQs

What necessitates a "Specific Claims Exclusion Endorsement" on my claims-made malpractice policy?

This endorsement is used to exclude known claims or incidents which occurred under a previous policy. Such claims or incidents would be covered by the previous carrier if, while coverage was in effect, they are reported to the previous carrier. Known claims or incidents that occurred under a previous carrier's policy are not covered by AIM. They are excluded on your initial and successive AIM policies. When changing coverage from another carrier to AIM, be sure that you have reported to the other carrier all problems that could give rise to a malpractice claim before your coverage with that carrier terminates.

What Our Insureds Say

"...Impressed with all aspects of their handling of the case from the initial intake to the consummation of settlement"

“About two years ago, I had a claim made against a co-counsel and me.  AIM hired excellent counsel to represent me in the matter.  There were very unusual circumstances in the case and AIM and counsel were able to get the claim settled without a suit being filed.  Everything they and the attorneys did was done with my full involvement and with the utmost consideration for all of the many and complicated aspects created by such circumstances.  I have nothing but praise for all that you and the AIM team did in this situation.”

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