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Ask the Underwriter: Policies and Additional Locations

“Do I need to make a change to my policy if our firm adds additional locations?”

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Recently, I was contacted by an insured enjoying the perks of hard work: acquiring another office location.  Were changes to the policy necessary to make sure the professional services provided from the new office are covered by the policy? 


The answer is no, the insured did not need to have his policy amended to cover the professional services being performed at the new location. 

The AIM policy applies to the insured’s acts, errors, omissions, and personal injuries occurring anywhere in the world provided that the claim is made, or suit is brought, within the United States, its territories or possessions or Canada.  Thus, coverage would extend to the professional services performed at the new or additional location(s). 


That being said, some of your clients may require evidence of coverage for the professional services being provided from the new or additional location(s).  If you have a client making such a request, simply contact AIM, and we can endorse your policy to show the new or additional location(s) as covered by the policy.


Note; however, if you have a material change such as the addition of offices and/or lawyers in another state as well as significant changes in your areas of practice, you need to advise AIM as soon as possible. Newly hired or terminated lawyers and the relocation of your office (i.e. your new address) should be communicated to AIM as soon as practical, too.

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