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Check Your Google Email (Gmail) Spam Folder Daily

If you've noticed a sudden increase in spam emails arriving in your Google email (Gmail) Spam folder, there's a good chance that your email address was one in a list recently sold to scammers or legitimate companies wanting to sell you something.

This typically happens when you enter your email in a field that looks safe but is a tool used by scammers to harvest email addresses. Or you signed up for something sincere, but your email address was still sold to another company for their marketing efforts.

Google in its security blog stated that its encryption capabilities are designed to provide an additional layer of confidentiality and data integrity protection. Their spam filter claims to prevent more than 100 million unsafe or unwanted emails from reaching users. However, this may mean that your important emails, from sources such as probate court, aren’t reaching you either.

Be sure to log into your email account daily through Google (as opposed to Microsoft Outlook, which is how you may usually check email) and you might discover thousands of emails in your spam folder including several emails that shouldn’t be going in there. Flag legitimate emails as not spam, process in to Outlook, then send apologies to the legitimate email senders.

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