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In Memoriam of P. Richard Hartley

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

We are sad to announce the passing of Mr. Richard Hartley, a member of AIM's Board of Directors since AIM's inception.

Mr. Hartley was admitted to practice in Alabama in 1971 and practiced law in Greenville, Alabama. He was a graduate of the University of Alabama (B.S. and J.D.) and was a former member of the Alabama State Bar Board of Commissioners. He also served as Chairman of the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Committee and Young Lawyers Section of the Alabama State Bar.

Memoriam written by fellow AIM Board member Claire Alexander Black

"There is a reason Richard Hartley was selected as a Super Lawyer. He was a small-town lawyer with big-city knowledge on both sides of the courtroom aisle. He was distinctly caring about disadvantaged people and could comfortably relate to all people, but he was also a highly effective and professionally sophisticated advocate for business and governmental clients. He lived a life of gentlemanly manners but didn’t pull any punches when he needed to be heard. An incisive judge of character, he was able to identify duplicity and made no excuses for others in whom he saw it. His straightforward horse sense enabled him to approach problems and with wise advice, to pinpoint issues and then to solve them efficiently. As a revered and well-respected member of the Bar, he served his profession with honor, dedication, and a generous spirit of giving. He was a well-connected, powerful, and strategic ally who also believed in honesty, equality, and furthering the common good.

Richard loved not only his profession but also his life outside of it. His wife, Marion, was his truest love and companion, and he had pride talking about his family. Witty and with an incisive sense of humor, he was charming in conversation and liked to share things he enjoyed with others. He loved life at the beach and delicious food, as long as it wasn’t too fancy. His family was part of the fabric of his historical Episcopal church. He had a myriad of friends from all walks of life, and he will be loved, remembered, and quoted by many. His heart was good, and his influence left the world, from Greenville, Alabama to far beyond, a better place."

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