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Mental Health Awareness Month: Keeping Your Perspective

We're here! In the final stretch of May... If you're like me, this time of the year can provide continual challenges to be present and mainly, to keep perspective.

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon and headshot of Rachel Fry

Over the last few weeks work has been busy, which left little time to create the 8th grade video that was incredibly overdue. It was only 90 seconds...but we all know those take much longer than 90 seconds! On Wednesday, I finally found a window that might work for me to sequester myself, dig through old videos and pictures, and attempt to integrate the chosen song into a thoughtful, decent video. When I checked my calendar, I realized it was going to conflict with the 8th grade parent/child kickball tournament. I did a quick benefit analysis and made the decision that my efforts would best be spent working on and finishing the very late video.

I had been sitting at the computer for 3.5 hours before my daughter walked through the front door. The first thing she said to me was, "I was disappointed that you didn't come to the kickball game. All the parents were there and I kept looking for you."

Eek...these words are a working mom's worst nightmare. Here I was putting work and everything else aside I needed to do and it still wasn't enough. But, yet, what I needed was to work on that video because looking at all the pictures helped me process how quickly my daughter is growing up and how important it is for me to be present this week.

I had to check myself.

Would I have remembered if one of my parents hadn't come to a kickball tournament when I was in 8th grade or would I remember that they worked hard on a video for my graduation ceremony? I'm not sure, but I have no recollections of either from my 8th grade experience. What I do remember is that they showed up for my graduations and that they loved me even if they couldn't make every single event.

My point is, as you're going through this last week, work on keeping perspective.

There are so many distractions right now. Some matter, some don't. I'm going to really work hard this week with keeping perspective, showing up 100% where I can, and being present as we celebrate this milestone. I'd love to hear how you're working at this as you continue the May observation exercise!

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