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Your Cyberattack Drops Tonight

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

You won’t really know when your employee and client data will be threatened. But the possibility of cyberattacks is one of the biggest concerns for law firm business leaders in 2023. Many worry about security breaches, data loss, hacking, and ransomware as a high risk to firm profitability. A quick Internet search will provide embarrassing news articles of attorneys having to defend their firms’ reputations as well as their technology policies.

When a cyberattack is attempted on your firm, or a potential client requests your security requirements, you should be ready - not worried. There are two critical steps to ensure cybersecurity in 2023.

Step 1: Conduct Awareness Training for Employees

Awareness training should be provided at your firm at least annually, if not quarterly, to ensure everyone is briefed on the latest scams and how to avoid vulnerability. And training doesn’t require much time or skill. Data breach reports show that over 90% of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email and more than 97% of users cannot recognize a sophisticated phishing email. Take advantage of national “holidays” that celebrate cybersecurity. Plan quarterly meetings on these dates to keep yourself and your employees educated:

2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Holidays

  • Jan 22-28: Data Privacy Week

  • Feb 1: Change Your Password Day

  • Feb 7: Safer Internet Day

  • Feb 13: National Clean Out Your Computer Day

  • March 31: World Backup Day

  • April 11: Identity Management Day

  • May 4: World Password Day

  • October: National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  • October 29: National Internet Day

  • November 12-19: International Fraud Awareness Week

  • November 30: Computer Security Day

Check out this insight on email hygiene from an expert guest blogger on our website. You can use this knowledge as part of your awareness training. Throughout 2023, AIM will provide educational content for each of these cyber holidays, and it will also be available on our website and through AIM’s social media. Stay tuned for ways to keep your office educated!

Step 2: Improve Your Compliance and Security Position

According to a survey of small businesses in late 2022, only 17% had insurance to cover costs in the event of a cyber breach. Less than half of these companies didn’t purchase cyber insurance until after an attack. And 64% of all respondents weren’t even familiar with cyber insurance.

As expected, only 46% of firms with 10-49 employees have incident response plans in place. Even more alarming, only 26% of firms with two to nine employees have plans in place. And only 9% of solo respondents are prepared. Weak security measures - or none at all - leave your business and your reputation at risk. Start 2023 with a resolution to train your employees on cyber awareness and protect your office.

Contact AIM for a cyber liability insurance quote and additional resources.

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